Featuring photographic artist Ian McIntosh

The photographer steals an instant from the past, creating a secret reality to be shared only with the viewer.

I'm a British-born photographic artist based near Gothenburg, Sweden. My work spans a variety of genres, ranging from classic black and white fine art and street photography to avant-garde digital techniques. Key themes for my recent work include street and documentary scenes from Gothenburg, Sardinia and Dublin, together with infra-red film photography and abstract "slit-scanning" studio works.

For 2019 I plan to release a limited-edition range of hand-made pinhole cameras and pinhole conversion kits.

Real silver-gelatin photo prints are available to purchase; please see the gallery section for selected examples of my work. Each print is carefully developed on 8x10" photo paper and individually signed and numbered on the reverse, at a cost of 150 EUR per print to include packing and postage. From time to time during 2019 I will be running all-inclusive workshops for newcomers to the art of film photography - please contact me to be notified of upcoming events.

To achieve an authentic vintage look in my work I use a small selection of antique cameras, each carefully cleaned and adjusted. They range from soviet-era 35mm rangefinder cameras to Pentax and Nikon equipment from the 1970's. For medium-format images I choose from German and Japanese twin-lens (TLR) cameras that date from the late 1930's to 1950's.

Each of my films is developed in my home workshop using environmentally-friendly methods. My developer of choice for almost all films is known as Caffenol, created from coffee powder and other easily-obtained ingredients. All products of the development and printing processes are carefully recycled.


Exhibitions and private viewings planned for 2020:


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Gothenburg, Sweden

Phone: +46 739 126000

Email: ian@workof.art